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Gari and a friend

Gari and a friend

Writing is more than what I do; its who I am. I live to write in every sense of the word ‘live’. All my travels, all the people who influence or affect my life, the things I fear most, my beliefs, the secrets I guard, my thrills and moments of well-earned pride: They all meet up at the central core of my existence: Writing.

I don’t care for easy words. I like to play with your thoughts and beliefs. I want to make you love and hate at the same time for the same reasons. I want you to feel the innocence of guilty pleasures, to wish success to my characters that are out to destroy any belief that you hold dear; then, at the end of it all ask yourself: ‘Why?’

If you have not learnt something about yourself, I may as well have presented you with a blank page.






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