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Second Referendum: Why the UK is not learning lessons from Brexit

Despite the chasm that is dividing the United Kingdom at the moment, the British can all agree on one thing: No one is happy with the way Brexit is being carried out. This is mainly because the people didn’t demand a definition of Brexit until it was too late. Whether leaver or remainer, everyone assumed […]

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Gathering Intelligence in Syria

The term ‘intelligence’ when used in military and political context is something of a misnomer. The word suggests knowledge and information, but in the vast majority of instances ‘intelligence’ is nothing more than guesses, opinions and – the mother of all fuckups: – assumptions. Admittedly, intelligence is based on understanding and usually is provided by […]

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The Bottle of Wine

His elbow accidentally knocked the wine bottle. John stood motionless – unlike the bottle. He watched it wobble and fall to the floor. It was one of those occasions when every particle of time was played out in slow-motion. The bottle crashed onto the kitchen floor. His mother ran into the kitchen and stopped in […]

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Nothing To Sneeze At

The Dog’s Dinner


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