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BBC Middle East Editor on Twitter

The BBC’s reporting of Syria has produced some fine examples of really bad journalism: Silly mistakes along with selective wording, and biased reporting that favours good news stories about the opposition and an ‘Assad Is Bad’ rhetoric that grossly over-simplifies both the man and the Syrians attitude towards him; all of which has shown the […]

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A Mockery of Democracy

EU countries have rushed to formally recognised the so-called ‘Syrian opposition made of a loose band of groups opposing Assad, but who have little else in common. The UK was so keen to declare recognition that a mere four days after voicing concern, Hague was happy to follow France. In the mad rush, to legitimised […]

United Kingdom

State Of Fear

There is a country whose corrupt politicians steal from the tax-payer and yet remain in power, whose people are taken by the police late at night for no obvious reason; a country whose young can be imprisoned for years just for creating a Facebook Page; a country whose elite and rich get richer and more […]

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Britam – A Chemical Romance?

A British military training and logistics company has admitted its website was hacked, but claims no truth to the emails indicating the company is at the centre of a staged propaganda.  After the website hacking of Britam Defence Ltd, emails began to circulate that the company had been recruited to create a video that staged […]

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Bashar Al Assad Speech

It’s extremely rare for people in the west to see the Syrian president Assad in their news; even less to hear his words. Most likely he is seen from afar behind a lectern and his words lost behind the overdub of the reporter giving their opinion/assessment of events in Syria. The speech given by Assad […]