General Politics

Freedom To Offend

Nigger! There, I said it. Now where do you stand on my right to free speech? What if I used faggot or cunt? Are you leaning towards outrage, condemnation or maybe even violence?   Supposing I created a cartoon depicting an unflattering image of your long-gone, sweet grandmother or someone else you cared about? Have you […]

Middle East Politics

Inside Hezbollah

You know when you have entered the Hezbollah district of Beirut. You cannot fail to miss the flags proudly and defiantly on display that demonstrate allegiance to groups and individuals that Western governments would regard as terrorists and evil to all that is good in the world. Not more than a few meters of street […]

General Politics

In Defence of Porn

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron has been caught with his pants down in his efforts to come across as the hard man of porn. His initial outburst was to attack Google for not doing enough to limit the accessibility of porn sites. He promised action and necessary legislation. This was watered down over the […]


North Korea: Good News Example

It would be silly to suggest that North Korean news output is as informative as in the West; or indeed, as anywhere else on the planet. I’ve come across North Korea’s news while travelling on a number of occasions. The items are mundane to the extreme: A politician visiting a school, the findings from a […]

Media Middle East

BBC Reporter Reveals Truth About Syria

The BBC’s reporting of Syria has produced some fine examples of really bad journalism: Silly mistakes along with shameful errors, selective wording and images, and biased reporting that favours good news stories about the opposition and an ‘Assad Is Bad’ rhetoric that grossly over-simplifies both the man and the Syrians attitude towards him; all of which has shown the […]