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British Establishment Paedophile Cover Up

The ex-British Prime Minister, Edward Heath was a paedophile. I can write this with no fear of libel action; you cannot libel the dead. It has been reported that Heath (British Prime Minister 1970-74) was known to rent boys in London, would hang around public toilets and had been warned by the Special Branch and Metropolitan Police that his actions would risk his political standing.

Snippets of information have been sprinkled throughout the press over the years since Heath died in 2005; but no one has pushed for inquiries into institutions that Heath was involved with. Contrast that with the demands for investigations into those people and organisation involved with Savile – with just one exception: Savile’s association with Edward Heath.

Outside mainstream media, its not just past celebs facing the wrong-end of finger-pointing. The internet is a goldmine of information, speculation and questions; with past politicians and even the Royal Household being linked to Savile’s activities. It is the internet that is leading the way on stories connected to Savile; with the mainstream slow to react and being very selective with what and how it reports.

The breadth of evidence on the internet against Heath, is no less than the evidence against Jimmy Savile: Testimonials, low-level police involvement and anecdotal hearsay. However, while Savile is plastered all over the media, news about Edward Heath is noticeable for its absence in mainstream media.

Heath and Savile knew each other. They were both associated with Haute de la Garenne on Jersey, the boys’ home at the centre of a horrific paedophile scandal. Savile reportedly provided boys to Heath, who would take them for a sail on his yacht, where, its been alleged, sexual acts on the boys would take place by Heath.

Websites have linked past pillars of British establishment with paedophilia, including the police, Lord Mountbatten, and currently serving politicians witnessing acts that could be deemed sexual assault on a minor, but then do nothing about it. In addition, names and faces of young boys murdered over the past few decades are being brought to the fore; Jason Swift being just one linked to paedophile rings that include past establishment leaders.

The mainstream media frenzy surrounding the late British DJ, Jimmy Savile, into being the paedophile ringmaster of the UK means each day, more household names are roped into the sex scandal with accusations of everything from sexual assault to turning a blind-eye. Anyone who has so much as served a cup of tea to anyone in media during the last 40 years has been asked: ‘Were you involved? What did you know?’ The Savile Scandal is news broadcasters wet dream that only the BBC can’t enjoy, as the Beeb, itself, is accused of cover-up. Yet, as Savile’s involvement grows, so do the questions: How on Earth did he get away with it for so long? Was he protected?

In what’s growing into a major scandal that gropes all parts of the British establishment, is the mainstream media still indulging in cover-up that protects paedophiles?

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