Syrian Soldiers on a Bus
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Protest Friday No1

Its 10:45 Friday morning. I am out in Damascus looking for trouble. I wander the streets from mosque to mosque hoping for any sign of tension. Its still too early for any real trouble to take place. This is my first of three so called ‘Protest Fridays’ during my stay in Syria. So far, the […]

Park in Damascus 2012
Middle East Syria

The Syrian War Without

Syria seems to be the most interesting place in the world right now. I confess to a writer’s fascination in the country’s slide into internal conflict. I loath to call it civil war; there is so much normality here. But I am no expert in such matters of war – or, in deed, normality! I […]

Middle East Syria

Protest Friday No2

My second Syrian Protest Friday starts in Mena Cafe: The gathering place for the young up-and-coming and of the creative types in Latakia. The clientele here occupy the expanse of opinion on both sides of the Syrian crisis as much as they occupy the expansive, comfy sofas. We push aside our half-forgotten coffees to make […]