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Gathering Intelligence in Syria

The term ‘intelligence’ when used in military and political context is something of a misnomer. The word suggests knowledge and information, but in the vast majority of instances ‘intelligence’ is nothing more than guesses, opinions and – the mother of all fuckups: – assumptions. Admittedly, intelligence is based on understanding and usually is provided by […]

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A Mockery of Democracy

EU countries have rushed to formally recognised the so-called ‘Syrian opposition made of a loose band of groups opposing Assad, but who have little else in common. The UK was so keen to declare recognition that a mere four days after voicing concern, Hague was happy to follow France. In the mad rush, to legitimised […]

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Bashar Al Assad Speech

It’s extremely rare for people in the west to see the Syrian president Assad in their news; even less to hear his words. Most likely he is seen from afar behind a lectern and his words lost behind the overdub of the reporter giving their opinion/assessment of events in Syria. The speech given by Assad […]

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Inside Hezbollah

You know when you have entered the Hezbollah district of Beirut. You cannot fail to miss the flags proudly and defiantly on display that demonstrate allegiance to groups and individuals that Western governments would regard as terrorists and evil to all that is good in the world. Not more than a few meters of street […]

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The Death of a President

Rumours that President Assad of Syria had been assassinated swept through the social media platforms on 24th March 2013, while the mainstream remained responsibly silent. Arguably, the most famous president in the world after Barak Obama, the killing of Assad would have massive implications globally, but since even just the spreading of a rumour of […]