Creative Writing Really Short Stories

Nothing To Sneeze At

The camera bulbs flashed. She held the fountain pen, which had been dipped in ink, ready to sign the contract. She smiled her brilliant white teeth. Her eyes sparkled. Everything had been done to make this moment a perfect moment.  Her blonde hair had been cut and shaped to frame her beautiful face. Her skin had been cleansed, her face had been made-up with the highest quality cosmetics. Her blue and golden dress had been designed especially for her. A solution had been found for every possible issue that had been thought of.  Nothing could go wrong.  She had begun to sign the contract when she felt a tickle inside her nose! The sensation grew. She couldn’t stop it! She scrunched her eyes and flared her nostrils!


She sneezed the biggest sneeze you could imagine. The camera bulbs flashed again, capturing every second.

The following morning she woke and realised it hadn’t been a dream. She had slept in a bed of silk sheets in a five star hotel. She saw the pile of newspapers that room service had brought into the room while she slept. She was on the front page of every newspaper. Some had selected a photo of her smiling, but others had decided to publish a photo of her sneezing. Her face was scrunched like a ball of paper and her hair was over her face. She didn’t care. She had signed the contract before she sneezed. Her film star career was secure and she was now worth $80 million dollars: an amount that was not to be sneezed at!

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