Biography of Youth

I didn’t like my home environment and school wasn’t my best years, so I spent a lot of time with myself. I started creating stories to entertain myself. God, did I write! Poems, short stories, plays, TV scripts… 

I was state educated, which means I was barely educated. I left school at sixteen with an average grade and average life ahead of me. I distinctly remember my fear that if I didn’t do anything to better myself, I would see the next forty years of my life as it was when I left school. 

I spent my weekends and holidays in libraries studying history books, looking over maps, and reading biographies about writers, artists and inventors. 

At twenty-one, I moved to London and realised that I wanted to be a writer, not an actor. I had been writing for such a long time, but it took my first success with a play recorded for BBC Radio for me to recognise that writing was my natural creativity!