Creative Writing Really Short Stories

The Dog’s Dinner

Harry raised a single eyelid and watched the old woman come closer.  As with all dogs, Harry had a good sixth sense; and his gut-feeling told him that this was not going to end well for the frail pensioner.

The hot sun burnt the air very dry. The intense heat bounced off the ground.  It all made the old woman feel like she was walking in an oven.  Her heavy bags of shopping pulled on her wrists. Drops of sweat crept from under her hat and ran down her face.  She was suffering.

The smells of bacon, sausages and eggs filled his nostrils as the food she carried got closer to Harry. Harry was waiting when….

Snap! A plastic handle on one of the bags broke and the bag fell to the ground. In a sudden panic, the old woman dropped the other bag. Food spread out all around her. She watched the oranges bounce and roll along the street. Harry was happy to see them go. He hated fruit; but he kept an eye on the bacon, sausages and broken eggs that were now cooking in the oven-like heat of the day.

A few people saw what had happened and came to help by gathering some of the food, but not all. The bacon, sausages and eggs were left.

When the street was empty of people, Harry crept over to the food.  He took a moment to enjoy the smells that crept in his nostrils and then he began eating.

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