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We Don’t Want You Here

We Don’t Want You Here


The roads are paved with gold all the way

From Eastern Europe to Calais

Not the UK

Our roads are

black, tarmac and cracked

and they’re gonna stay that way.


Look, we’re just not the same, I’m guessing

You have your Eurocrisis

We have triple-dip recession


Oh and our benefits are for our benefit

The Great British shirkers,  the behind-the-curtain lurkers

At 7am stay in bed, hidden from the on-the-way-to-work’ers


Also, you foreign shirkers, you less minimum wage workers

working hard for peanuts

cleaning all our toiluts

You shirkers can’t take our work cos

there aren’t enough work for us.


You wanna be part of our communities?

Right them we’ll close all our libraries

So your kids can’t read

Like our kids can’t read

and write and spell

You think you’re something spechell

Cos you know our countable nouns

and phrasal verbs


They’re just words


We maybe ignorant

But I tell ya – we can chant


So come to the UK


Yeah come to the UK


Come to the UK

We dare ya!

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